Easy Shortbread Cookie Recipe ~ Flower Cookies

Aren't these cookies just beautiful?  And, they are oh so easy to make too!

I discovered this articles several months ago and I fell in love with these pretty little cookies.  As a matter of fact, I loved them so much I simply had to purchase the featured cookie press myself.

Lady Lorelei shares a printable version of her own Shortbread cookie recipe that is not only delicious, but it is quick and easy.  In just a few minutes, you too can have your own lovely little flower cookies. 

She has also included step by step photos with her recipe, as well as videos showing us how to use a cookie press!  I can tell you from experience that you will love the article's featured cookie press, but the videos do offer some additional great tips.

Image Credit: Quick & Easy Shortbread Cookie Recipe photo from article below.

Visit: Quick & Easy Shortbread Cookie Recipe written by Lady Lorelei

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