Pumpkins & Ghosts Halloween Trifle Recipe

Pumpkins & Ghosts Halloween Trifle Recipe
While searching for a creative, yet easy Halloween dessert, I came across Alli Doubek's fabulous Pumpkins & Ghosts Halloween Trifle.

This is such a clever way to use those awesome Peeps ghosts and pumpkins that show up each year in the grocery store for Halloween.

Alli takes it a step further though by using chocolate pudding and cake as the trifle filling.  Therefore, her awesome creation is easy, beautiful and delicious!

Grab you deep trifle bowl and get ready to have some fun! 


How to Make a Pumpkins & Ghosts Halloween Trifle  

Peeps Ghosts and Pumpkins for Halloween Treats
In a little over 1 hour, you can make this fabulous Halloween trifle for your Halloween party, or just as your family Halloween dessert.  The store bought marshmallow Peeps shaped like ghost and pumpkins stand out beautifully with the dark background of chocolate pudding and cake.  There is just the right combination of spooky and cute to be the perfect treat for children, and adults, for Halloween.

Of course, you can choose a different filling for the trifle, but this simple trifle idea is fabulous regardless of the cake filler recipe you elect to use.

Making the trifle is pretty simple and straight forward.  You get the gist by just looking at the photo of her finished trifle.  However, be sure to visit Alli's website, Dancing Through the Rain,  for complete instructions and tips.

This Halloween trifle recipe would be easy enough to make that you could even let your children help.  It would be lots of fun for all of you and another great Halloween childhood memory for them. 

Just be careful, your marshmallow pumpkins and ghosts might start disappearing right before you eyes!

Adorable Halloween Trifle Recipe & Photo Source:  Alli Doubek at DancingThroughtheRain.com

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