Football Ice Sandwiches for Fun Partytime

Here is an awesome idea for a summer party, team party or really any time for football fans!

Everybody loves ice cream, especially on a hot day.  Ice cream sandwiches are always a popular choice for kids and adults alike.   They are the perfect pool side or party treat. 

Ice cream sandwiches decorated to resemble a football would be great as a snack for your little football player.  Or, even the whole team after practice.  

These ice cream football sandwiches are not only adorable, but they are really easy to make. 

This fun treat recipe was originally published by Kim Byers on The Celebration Shoppe.  She recommended them for a Super Bowl party, which is truly a great suggestion.  

I love her idea to draw football plays on the wooden spoons that are used as "sticks" for this ice cream treat.

Ice Cream Football Sandwiches

Kim shares really easy to follow instructions in her article.  You can probably guess how to create these ice cream football sandwiches by simply looking at her photo, but it is still worthwhile to check out her suggestions.  She offers alternate decorating options, as well as freezing and storage tips.  I, myself, was surprised to read that the decorated ice cream sandwiches could last up to 30 minutes.  Of course, I doubt any football player would ever let one sit for that long!  But, you may wish to take the treats to the boys, so it is good to know.

With mini ice sandwiches purchased from the store, a few lines of icing for each sandwich, and wooden spoons, you too can make these totally awesome game day treats.  You will certainly be appreciated and hailed as a very creative mom.  Very cool indeed!

Be sure to check out Kim's other great party ideas, as well as her original recipe online at The Celebration Shoppe.

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