Sometimes I come across such an enchanting fun food recipe, that I simply must share it with you all!   Elynmac's Dragon Biscuits are one of those fun foods that screamed to be shared :)

Aren't they adorable!  Oh, and she also includes the dragon bread dough recipe in her article.

What a fabulous way to start the day!  A fabulous treat to enjoy mid-day.  Oh, wait!  A great bedtime snack.  Ok, yes, they would be fun and tempting any time of the day.  I just keep wondering if I could actually eat them!  They are almost to cute to consume.

Instructions for creating these adorable Dragon Biscuits are provided in this article:
Dragon Biscuits 

Image Credit and Article: Dragon Biscuits by Elyn Macinnis


  1. They do look cute. Looking at them reminds me of my favorite Mexican treat that is shaped like a pig :)

  2. How cute! These look adorable! I'm getting ready to try Witches Fingers for a Halloween post on my Teapots site. Dragons would be great fun, too!

  3. The grandkids would love it if I would do special things like this for them...and so much fun too.


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