If you love cats, you will definitely love this Kitty Cat Cake!

Making this kitty cat cake has truly been made easy by simply following the step by step instructions and using the cat cake template provided in the article.  I have also provided lots of pictures of the cutting and decorating steps to make it even easier for you.  Frankly, you could almost make the cat cake by just looking at the pictures and following along with them.

Children will love it!  You guests will love it!  And, you will love how simple it is to decorate this Kitty Cat cake. This cat would be awesome for a kid's birthday party, a school party, or even a Halloween party if you chose to make it black instead of white.  Honestly, if you love cats, it would be a perfect cake for any party or special occasion.

Instructions and cake template for creating this amazing 3-D Cat cake are provided in this article:
How to Decorate a Cat Cake 

Image Credit:  How to Decorate a Cat Cake by Sylvestermouse

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  1. I just love this kitty cat cake! Can you make a dog for me? My Jordan would love to see himself immortalized in a cake!


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