Decorating a Snake Cake

Let's celebrate the Year of the Snake with a Snake Cake!

Making this snake cake is made easy by simply following the step by step instructions provided in the featured article.  This cake truly turned out to be a lot of fun to make!  Honestly, I am not crazy about live snakes, but my son is and we, mothers, do a lot of things antithetical to our own nature just for our children.

Kids will love it!  Actually, surprisingly, I love it!  Even though in real life a Coral snake would be poisonous, the cake is not and he is rather endearing.  And, what a great conversation cake!  Everyone has something to say about the snake cake, but my favorite is when people are actually afraid to touch it.  Oh, and beware of the reaction you are bound to get if you put him in the refrigerator.  This snake cake sure is a lot of fun to have around.  

How to Decorate A Snake Cake

Instructions for creating this fabulous snake cake are provided in this article.  I will even tell you the secret for making the reptilian skin:
How to Decorate a Snake Cake 

Image Credit:  How to Decorate a Snake Cake by Cynthia (Sylvestermouse) on Cooking for the Holidays

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  1. Scary! You know I am afraid of snakes and this cake looks so real I had to do a double take!! This is one I wouldn't mind eating though -- snake cake sounds good!

  2. This is quite something! I know one thing, I couldn't make it my mom's house!! My sons would appreciate it though!


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