Pretty Mini Quiche

Every once in a while, I come across a Fun Food recipe and wonder, "now, why didn't I think of that?"

These Mini Quiche by Blessedmomto7 elicited that very question!

Although they would be perfect for any occasion, I think they would be purely awesome for the upcoming holidays.

Mini Quiche Recipe for Mini Quiche Flowers

Most of us entertain a lot during the holidays and we are always searching for fast and easy recipes that make a favorable impression on our guests. Not only does this Mini Quiche recipe sound delicious, but the quiches themselves are just adorable.

Blessedmomto7 gives us excellent step by step instructions as well as the quiche recipe for making these fabulous mini quiche. Why not add these pretty "little flowers" to your next luncheon, tea, reception, or party. They would make a lovely breakfast for your overnight guests too!

Recipe & Image Credit:  Mini Quiche by Blessedmomto7


  1. I absolutely love these mini quiche! What an inspired but simple idea! Thanks for pointing them out!

  2. I love quiche, too & these look like fun!


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