Pumpkin Bread Recipe Made in a Coffee Can

Some things truly fascinate me and the idea of baking a Pumpkin Bread in a coffee can, is certainly one of those fascinating things!

I really love the cute round loaf that is created by making  Pumpkin Bread in a coffee can.  

Heather shares her own mother's recipe for making this awesome bread, which would be perfect for Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Bread Recipe Made in a Coffee Can

Not only does the Pumpkin Bread recipe sound delicious, but I have no doubt, your family and friends will love the unique shape of the loaf. 

It would be a really fun food to make and serve. I am quite certain it will be the talk of the dinner table.  


You will never want to throw away another coffee can!

Recipe & Image Credit:  Coffee Can Pumpkin Bread by Heather


  1. This does sound nice! And pumpkin bread in a coffee can.. that is a new idea

  2. My mom used to make banana bread in a coffee can. We all thought it was so neat

  3. I love this idea, and am sure the bread smells heavenly while it's baking too!


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