Pumpkin Cupcakes Cake

Pumpkin Cupcakes Cake for Halloween
Cupcake cakes are really awesome and the Pumpkin Cupcake Cake is truly fabulous!  A wonderful Fun Food for Halloween.

This may look like a lumpy cake, but in fact it is 24 cupcakes put together to create the cake.  I love cupcake pull apart cakes simply because they are so very easy to serve.  Because cupcakes are already individual serving size, guests can pull a cupcake away from the cake without having the mess of cutting a cake.

Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake Cake Tutorial 

The entire tutorial with lots of pictures can be found on Cooking for the Holidays.   There is also a list of supplies provided, but aside from the cupcakes and frosting very little else is needed to create this cool pull-apart cake.  The design may seem straight forward by simply looking at the photo, but there are a few tips provided in the tutorial that definitely make decorating easier.  There is also a diagram of how to arrange the cupcakes by size to make the cake.

As you can see, the cupcakes are arranged and then frosted to give the appearance of a cake.  Frosting it that way allows you to decorate it like you would a cake.  If you take a close look at this pumpkin "cake" photo, you will see that the mouth crosses several cupcakes, but finishes the pumpkin face design.

Pumpkin Cupcake Cake
This Pumpkin Cupcake Cake is easy to prepare and serve!

I especially like the Pumpkin Cupcake cake for children.  It isn't scary at all, yet is perfect for a Halloween party or dessert.   It is cute enough that even little children will like the smiling jack-o-lantern.  This Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake Cake is truly a treat for everyone, including the hostess.


Original Recipe & Photo Source: Cooking for the Holidays ~ How to Make a Cupcake Pumpkin Cake

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