Valentine Cookie Balls
Are you ready to give the gift of delicious homemade love!

It is hard to believe that it is almost Valentine's Day and I have not made my sweetheart a special treat yet.  

I went in search of something new to make for Valentines Day this year and look what I found!  I have to admit, I am pretty excited to get started.

Valentine Cookie Balls Recipe

These fast and easy cookies are the perfect gift and treat for Valentines Day.  I think it would be awesome to make a batch of these Valentine Cookie Balls and place them in a heart shaped box to give to our sweethearts.  

Homemade gifts are often so much better than a store bought cookies or candy, if for no other reason than that they are fresh.  Plus,  the recipient knows you cared enough to go to that little extra trouble to make something special just for them.

I know what I am making now for Valentines Day!  How about you?

Decorate this paper mache box exclusively for your sweetheart!  

It would be perfect for your Valentine Cookie Balls.

Paper Mache Box-Heart 12"

Recipe & Image Credit:  Recipe for Valentine Cookie Balls by mbgphoto


  1. I've read Mary Beth's recipe before for these Valentine Cookie Balls. I agree they would be perfect for a sweet treat for a sweetheart. And I can just imagine how pretty this heart-shaped box would be decorated in reds and whites (maybe a striped or zig-zag design for a special guy - with some 'kisses' stickers all over. :-)

  2. These Valentine cookies look awesome! And, I agree, easy. That's my kinda recipe. And since my husband is known affectionately in the family as "The Cookie Monster" I can't think of any gift he would like better!


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