Temptingly Delicious Tiramisu Recipe

One of my son's favorite desserts is Tiramisu.  He has always had to purchase his Tiramisu at restaurants simply because I did not have a Tiramisu recipe.  

I am not sure why I haven't thought to search one out before now, but as soon as I saw Lynne Schroeder's recipe, I knew I had found a recipe I had to keep.

Tiramisu Recipe

Sharing a recipe from her own personal travel diary, Lynne Schroeder tempts us to dive right into making our own temptingly delicious Tiramisu.   

According to Lynne, the traditional Tiramisu recipe uses brandy, but she opts to use Kahlua instead.  Could that be the secret to her tiramisu recipe becoming a family favorite?

Non-alcohol Tiramisu Recipe

Knowing that some of my readers prefer Non-alcohol Tiramisu, I did seek out a alternate recipe just for you!  This recipe also sounds divine!


Recipe & Image Credit:  Tiramisu Recipe by Lynne Schroeder

Non-alcohol Tiramisu Recipe:  Tiramisu Recipe by Sandra Lee


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  1. It really is an amazing recipe. Try it - your friends and family will love you for it


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