Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Spring and summer just make me think of root beer floats, which were a huge part of my childhood days.  Today, they evoke memories of floating down the river or summer day special treats.

Now, if I could just think of a way to keep them from melting!   

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

Actually, a good friend has done that very thing for me. 

Diana Wenzel has given us a whole new twist on the traditional root beer float by offering us recipes and presentation suggestions for Root Beer Float Cupcakes that look and sound temptingly delicious.  

My personal favorite tip from RenaissanceWoman2010 is how to make a delicious root beer butter cream frosting.  You simply can't go wrong with butter cream frosting and as she says, "It actually looks like the froth you get on a root beer float beverage."

These Root Beer Float Cupcakes are sure to be a hit at our summer parties and celebrations!


Recipe & Image Credit:  Recipe for Root Beer Float Cupcakes by Diana Wenzel


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