King Cake Recipe for Mardi Gras

King Cake Recipe for Marti Gras
Mardi Gras is a celebration filled with bright colors, fun food and tradition.  Nothing exemplifies that combination better than a King Cake.

The cinnamon filled cake itself sounds delicious, but I am fascinated by the origin and significance of the King Cake.

After reading Paula's explanation of the history and the meaning behind the chosen colors, I understand why the King Cake would garner such loyalty from Mardi Gras enthusiasts.  There is even a little surprise baked into the cake for one fortuitous guest.

I also love the suggestions and ideas shared for hosting a children's party.  What a fabulous opportunity to teach history and tradition to a child by simply offering this fantastic and colorful treat!

To learn all about the tradition, the history, the significance of the King Cake, plus find out about the little surprise baked into the cake, join Paula at Holly Jolly Holidays.  Oh, and of course, she shares the King Cake recipe so we can all make our own Mardi Gras party cake.

Recipe & Image Credit:  How to Make a King Cake by Paula Atwell


  1. I've always wanted to try a King Cake. Thanks for the post.

  2. I remember hearing about the King Cake and it's significance at Mardi Gras parties, but had forgotten. What a nice reminder (and a delicious looking recipe). Be fun to bake one.