Orange Sherbet Recipe

Orange Sherbet Recipe
Orange Sherbet is one of my all time favorite summer treats.  Well, actually I eat it year round, but it is especially delicious on a hot summer day, or to sooth a sore throat when hit with allergies.

Finding an Orange Sherbet Recipe was like receiving a gift at just the right time for me.  I recently had a bad encounter with tainted orange sherbet from the grocery store.  Unbeknownst to me, the brand I had purchased was believed to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.   The product had been recalled in several states, but not in my state, so it was still on the shelves being sold.  It has since been recalled here as well, but not before my purchase and subsequent reaction.  

Since I actually prefer most things homemade anyway, I have to say there was definitely a silver lining to that black cloud for me.  I had never even considered making my own orange sherbet before.

Orange Sherbet Recipe

With a few really simple ingredients, in addition to real oranges, now I can make my own orange sherbet and have no fear associated with my favorite treat.

I selected to try the Orange Sherbet Recipe from A Simple Pantry first, but there are additional orange sherbet recipes listed below that you may prefer due to your own dietary preferences.  In addition to the oranges, this recipe calls for sugar, vanilla extract, lemon zest, kosher salt and heavy whipping cream and can be made with or without an ice maker.

Be sure to checkout the comments on the original recipe above for recommendations by readers who desired a stronger orange taste.

Additional Orange Sherbet Recipes

Orange Sherbet Recipe by Alton Brown ~ Uses whole milk and a touch of lemon juice.  Ice Cream Maker Required

Orange Sherbet Recipe from A Cozy Kitchen ~ Uses whole milk and lemon juice.  Ice Cream Maker Not Required

Orange Sherbet Recipe from Beverly at ~ Uses orange juice, milk and evaporated milk.  Ice Cream Maker Not Required.  Electric Mixer Required.

Orange Sherbet Recipe from ~ Uses Orange soda pop and Eagle Brand condensed milk.  Ice Cream Maker Required

Orange Sherbet Recipe by Kittencal at ~ Uses Orange Juice Concentrate and half & half cream.  Ice Cream Maker Not Required.  Electric Mixer Required

How to "Make" Orange Zest for the Recipe

A Bit of Extra Fun with Other Sherbet Flavor Recipes

Lime Sherbet Recipe from

Rainbow Sherbet Recipe Step by Step Video by Byron Talbott

If You Need an Ice Cream Maker

  Many of us remember the big ice cream makers of our youth that required constant attention, adding ice and salt until the mixer slowed down and we checked to see if the ice cream was frozen enough.  Our family actually set the ice cream maker on the concrete outside and took turns overseeing the process.

However, today there is a much improved ice cream maker available.  No ice or salt required to use this baby!   Plus, it can sit on the kitchen counter without making a big mess.

Recipe & Image Credit:  Orange Sherbet Recipe  by A Simple Pantry

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  1. Oh my, I didn't realize that I could make my own orange sherbet! That sounds so easy! I am going to have to try this!

  2. Orange sherbet was a blessing to my husband during his stay in the hospital. He would take a spoonful before every bite of food to help keep it down after his operation. It is one of his favorites, but I think he'd like homemade ever better. Pinned of course!


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