Strawberry Popsicles Recipe
Make You Own Strawberry Popsicles!

During the hot summer months, there is nothing better than a popsicle to cool you down inside and out.

Popsicles are a childhood favorite, but most of us still enjoy them as adults.   As a child, we only consider the fantastic taste of a cool treat on a hot day.  The only real difference is that as adults, we think about the ingredients.

Strawberry Popsicle Recipe

I was thrilled to find the recipe for wonderful homemade popsicles.  I love the idea of being able to make my own delicious, healthy, and sugar-free popsicles.  Ester Perez shares her Strawberry Popsicle recipe on and they are actually easy to make.  Ester's recipe uses lime juice, strawberries and an orange sliced, mixed together and frozen.  She uses vanilla stevia to sweeten the treat.

I am sure you can substitute other fruit to make a variety of fruit-sicles that everyone in your family will also love, but do be sure to read about Ester's own personal experiences as she was developing her recipe.  It will save you time and expense.  No one likes to discover that they have wasted not only money, but the actual fruit when a creation is not something you can eat and enjoy.

You can find the complete recipe and directions on Ester's site, Nuture My Gut and start making your own homemade popsicles today!      

Making Your Own Popsicles 

There are a few supplies you need besides the ingredients to make our own popsicles at home.  Obviously, you need a freezer, but you will also need popsicles molds.  Any other supplies needed will be determined by the molds you select.  Some molds come with reusable plastic sticks.  However, molds that use disposable wooden popsicles sticks are also available.

I, personally, would recommend the Onyx Stainless Steel molds on the right below.  They are the most expensive, but this is an example of how you get what you pay for.   They are more durable and it is easier to remove the frozen popsicles without damaging them.

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  1. Mmm, these fruity popsicles with real fruit inside look like the perfect cool-me-down, icy treat for this heat-advisory weather! Having instructions would be a good thing for me as I'm fairly certain I'd waste a batch or two before I got it right.

  2. These would go really well right here right now.....hotter than Hades in my neck of the woods. And they are so pretty to look at too. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Yum, I love making popsicles in summer. I've never tried making them in a stainless steel mold however, mine are all plastic.

  4. Oh wow... you know what I'm thinking now? A fruit smoothie in one of those Onyx popsicle molds!

  5. It's in the triple digits here, so those fruity popsicles look really good. I like the idea of choosing healthy ingredients for these frozen treats.

  6. It's in the triple digits here, so those fruity popsicles look really good. I like the idea of choosing healthy ingredients for these frozen treats.


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