Graveyard Cake Instructions

This Graveyard cake is an awesome choice for any Halloween party.  It is eerie without being grotesque.  Plus, it is chocolate!
I love Halloween and all of the fabulous Halloween cakes, cupcakes and special treats.  This Graveyard Cake would be an awesome cake choice for any Halloween party.  It is eerie without being grotesque.  Plus, it is chocolate!

Jade has given us easy to follow instructions on exactly how to decorate this creative Graveyard Cake.  You will be amazed at how simple it is to recreate and how little decorating experience is required.

Making Your Own Graveyard Cake

I want to start by saying that I love the grated chocolate idea.  It would be great for any Halloween cake to give a textured foundation or background for the Halloween scene.  If you are planning a children's party, you might want to use the grated chocolate background idea and add Friendly Ghost Rings which would also double as party favors.

Everything about decorating the Graveyard cake as shown is basic and easy.  Jade uses sugar cookie dough, lady fingers and jelly to create this phenomenal graveyard scene.  But the very best part, it would be delicious to eat!  Although, admittedly, I might be hesitant to bite down on a finger.  They just look so realistic!!!

How to make a easy, yet really awesome, graveyard cake for Halloween.

Sometimes we need to be able to take a few shortcuts when we are hosting a Halloween party.  Jade suggests that you could purchase a store bought chocolate cake to decorate, but she also provides a homemade cake recipe in case you have the time to bake and decorate.  

You will find Jade's step by step instructions for making this unique graveyard cake, as well as her additional tips on her site, Homemade by Jade.   You will also love her witty tutorial title, "Graveyard Cake - The Perfect Finger Food"! 

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  The Graveyard Cake image, recipe & tutorial published on Homemade by Jade Blog.

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  1. Love it especially the fingers coming out to get you!

  2. What fun. Love the blog title "Graveyard Cake - The Perfect Finger Food"!

  3. I smiled as you switched back and forth from the great idea to grate chocolate, LOL. Looks like a fun cake as long as those fingers grab you and not me!


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