Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Just about everybody loves chocolate covered strawberries, but few people realize you can make them yourself at home.

Chocolate covered strawberries have become a favorite to include in picnic baskets, to buy as a special gift for your sweetheart, or to treat yourself with a sweet tidbit. They have also become a big part of edible arrangements which are often used for special occasions. Personally, I  enjoy including them on my fruit trays for my friends who love chocolate.

Because chocolate covered strawberries are so expensive, we limit ourselves to only a few at a time when we buy them at a candy store. Our local candy store sells them individually, or in prepackaged boxes of 6, for a very hefty price. Then, we try to make them last as long as possible.

When I figured out how to make my own chocolate covered strawberries, I wanted to kick myself for the wasted money on store bought.   It is actually very easy to make them, but there are a few tips for ingredients and techniques.

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

One really important tip is to make sure strawberries are in season.  In the United States, that is typically during the months of April through August.  Fresh strawberries make the best chocolate covered strawberries.  You will want to wash the strawberries and completely dry them with paper towels before you dip them in melted chocolate.

How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Visit Cooking for the Holidays for all of the tips for making your own chocolate covered strawberries.   In that article I share my preferred chocolate, as well as tips based on my own experience making this fabulous chocolate delicacy.

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