Decorative Crab Cupcakes

Decorated Crab Cupcakes
If you are searching for an adorable decorative cupcake for your beach theme party, you will love these cute crab cupcakes by Sarah from "Must Have Mom".   You might not want to meet a real crab, but anyone would enjoy "meeting" and eating these precious cupcakes.

Their big eyes seem to draw you in and make you want to lick the frosting right off their backs.  Somehow I can just imagine little boys pulling their legs off first and eating the licorice strings.  Of course, there are always a few children at any party who are hesitate to eat anything made in the image of any creature.  I do recommend having a few complimentary plainly decorate cupcakes on hand for the kids who want to save the crabs.

How to Make Cute Crab Cupcakes  

In her article, Sarah takes us step by step through the process of decorating these fabulous crab cupcakes.  She includes lots of photos, which makes it even easier.  You barely have to read anything because you can easily see how to assemble the crabs.

I like the simplicity of her design.  Because it is so easy, you could even include the kids in the decorating as a "before the party" special event.  This allows you the opportunity to teach kids to use their own imagination to design and make their own fun food.  It also makes for great memories for you and the children.  

If they are older kids, perhaps all you will need to do is act as the photographer.  That can be as much fun as actually helping decorate the cupcakes.

Regardless of whether you make these cupcakes by yourself, or with help, the cute crab cupcakes are sure to be a hit with your guests!  So grab some cupcakes, frosting, licorice strips, and some mini chocolate chips and start decorating your fancy crabs for your family and guests.

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Recipe by Sarah on - How to Make Cute Crab Cupcakes

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