Bat Cookies

Bat Cookies are a fun Halloween treat! 

Not only do these bat cookies look delicious, they look like a lot of fun to make.  

It will soon be Halloween and time for Halloween parties and Halloween treats.  What could be more perfect than Halloween Bat Cookies which are simply sugar cookies dipped in chocolate? 

AngryBaker has not only provided a recipe for the sugar cookies, but excellent, easy to follow instructions with tons of photos for us to make our own bat cookies.

These bat cookies will be so temptingly delicious, they won't be hanging around for long:)   

Image Credit:  Bat Cookies photo featured above is from the article below.

Visit:  Bat Cookies written by AngryBaker

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  1. Ohhh, they look like they could just take off! How fun would Halloween bat cookies be at a Halloween party or as treats for special trick or treaters!


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