Creative and Easy Vampire Cupcakes!

Halloween is such a fun time of the year and there are so many great ideas for Halloween fun food.  

I recently discovered a unique idea and recipe published by ChineseKitesforKids on Squidoo.  I simply had to share it with everyone!  I love these "blood" filled cupcakes which is achieved by swirling red tinted white cake mix into the dark cake mix before baking.  Oh, be sure to check out her alternate way to decorate the cupcake tops :)

This is truly an awesome idea!  It is so simple and sure to evoke the desired response from your family and guests.   

Image Credit:  Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas photo featured above is from the article below.

Visit:  Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas written by ChineseKitesforKids

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  1. Wow, those look scrumptious! I will definitely be checking those Halloween cupcakes out -- thanks for sharing.


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