Banana Bread Flower Muffin Rosettes

One of the easiest Fun Food creations I have recently made, is my Banana Bread Flower Muffins.  Not only are they are lovely muffins to set on any table, but they are quite delicious.  They are a guaranteed hit in my home since the recipe I used is my own banana bread recipe, which my entire family loves.

Any bread recipe could be used to make these muffins.  The secret to the beautiful design is in the baking mold.  Obviously, you will want to select a bread or muffin recipe that does not require icing which would distort the flower design.

I will be baking and freezing my Banana Bread Flower Muffins before the holidays so I can simply pull the prepared muffins out of the freezer the night before and serve them for breakfast to my holiday guests.  I do love things that make the holidays easier.

My Banana Bread Recipe

If you would like to bake your flower muffins using my banana bread recipe, which has proven to be a successful recipe to use for these muffins, you will find my recipe here:  Banana Bread Recipe by Sylvestermouse.

Banana Bread Rose Muffins by Sylvestermouse
Sadly, like a fresh rose bud, these pretty flower banana bread muffins won't last long because they are so delicious.  But, like the gorgeous flower itself, they will leave a lasting impression of beauty in the minds of your family, friends and holiday guests.

The Baking Mold Needed to Create the Flower Muffins



Recipe & Image Credit:  Banana Bread Muffin Recipe by Sylvestermouse 

Muffin Make Ahead & Freeze Instructions:  Cooking for the Holidays - Article by Mary Beth 


  1. Oh my! This is a wonderful idea!

  2. Yum - I LOVE Banana Nut Bread, so know I would definitely enjoy these mini muffins. Your recipe states that one can add nuts 'if desired'. Nuts - most particularly walnuts - are 'definitely DESIRED'. A banana muffin (or bread) is not complete (in my humble opinion) without the walnuts. :) Love the flower design - makes these muffins so 'festive' for this time of year.

  3. I have to go check out the recipe. Terrific idea to use special baking tins to create these! I never think of doing things like this, but now I will!


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