Homemade Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

Quick and Easy Homemade Cinnamon Rolls by Chic 'n Savvy
I've always loved cinnamon rolls, but I admit, if you find them around my home, they are usually store-bought or baked out of a Pillsbury refrigerated canister.

Even though I love to bake, previously, I had never found a cinnamon roll recipe that I liked.  Needless to say, I was thrilled when I came across this quick & easy homemade cinnamon rolls recipe by Kelsey on Chic 'n Savvy.

A delicious recipe is always appreciated in my kitchen.  A quick & easy recipe is treasured!  My family happens to love cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but I don't always have hours to invest in making a meal, especially in the morning before everyone leaves for work or school.   This recipe is truly awesome!

The Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Kelsey's cinnamon rolls take less than an hour to mix, roll out, and bake.  They are made with basic ingredients that I typically have on hand.  The only exception would be buttermilk.  Therefore, planning ahead on grocery shopping day might be required.  However, I do want to point out that Kelsey also provides us with a buttermilk recipe for making our own buttermilk if needed.  That makes it a lot easier in a pinch for me since I always have vinegar on hand.

Kelsey gives very easy instructions to follow for mixing, rolling and cutting the cinnamon rolls.  By the time you are finished preparing, baking, and eating your cinnamon rolls, you will feel like a baker extraordinaire and your family will rave over your fantastic kitchen skills.  There is no reason to tell family and friends how easy it is to make this delicious breakfast or treat. 

Recipe & Image Credit: 

Recipe by Kelsey on Chic 'n Savvy   Quick and Easy Homemade Cinnamon Rolls with No Yeast Recipe

Easy Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

Easy Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe "Easy", especially during the fast-paced holidays, is always appreciated!

This pretty pineapple upside down cake is different from the traditional recipe because I used pineapple chunks instead of pineapple slices.  It was actually quite by accident that I tried this because I didn't have any pineapple slices on hand, but we wanted to make a pineapple upside down cake.  So, my sister and I improvised.

Cherries are always used on this type of cake, but the maraschino cherries added just the right  touch of Christmas red to our holiday cake.  By placing it on a green serving plate, it made it even more festive.  Sometimes, it really is all about presentation and timing.

Easy Skillet Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

Everything in this cake was store bought, even the cake mix.  I used a white cake mix that I had on hand for emergencies.  Grabbing what I already had in the pantry and in my refrigerator without consideration of age, my sister and I quickly threw this cake together.  It truly was the very best Pineapple Upside Down Cake I have ever eaten!

It was fun to toss everything together and serve a delicious dessert to my family.  From now on, I will be using this special recipe.  However,  I'm not sure where to buy hardened brown sugar or aged cherries.  Guess I better buy them new today and plan ahead for 3 years from now.

Seriously, I am sure the cake would be just as good, if not better, with freshly purchased ingredients, but you can read my whole story about the cake shown in the photo by clicking the article link below.

You will find my recipe and instructions on my "House of Sylvestermouse" website.

Recipe and photo by Cynthia Sylvestermouse - Pineapple Upside Down Cake Made in a Cast Iron Skillet

Pumpkins & Ghosts Halloween Trifle Recipe

Pumpkins & Ghosts Halloween Trifle Recipe
While searching for a creative, yet easy Halloween dessert, I came across Alli Doubek's fabulous Pumpkins & Ghosts Halloween Trifle.

This is such a clever way to use those awesome Peeps ghosts and pumpkins that show up each year in the grocery store for Halloween.

Alli takes it a step further though by using chocolate pudding and cake as the trifle filling.  Therefore, her awesome creation is easy, beautiful and delicious!

Grab you deep trifle bowl and get ready to have some fun! 


How to Make a Pumpkins & Ghosts Halloween Trifle  

Peeps Ghosts and Pumpkins for Halloween Treats
In a little over 1 hour, you can make this fabulous Halloween trifle for your Halloween party, or just as your family Halloween dessert.  The store bought marshmallow Peeps shaped like ghost and pumpkins stand out beautifully with the dark background of chocolate pudding and cake.  There is just the right combination of spooky and cute to be the perfect treat for children, and adults, for Halloween.

Of course, you can choose a different filling for the trifle, but this simple trifle idea is fabulous regardless of the cake filler recipe you elect to use.

Making the trifle is pretty simple and straight forward.  You get the gist by just looking at the photo of her finished trifle.  However, be sure to visit Alli's website, Dancing Through the Rain,  for complete instructions and tips.

This Halloween trifle recipe would be easy enough to make that you could even let your children help.  It would be lots of fun for all of you and another great Halloween childhood memory for them. 

Just be careful, your marshmallow pumpkins and ghosts might start disappearing right before you eyes!

Adorable Halloween Trifle Recipe & Photo Source:  Alli Doubek at DancingThroughtheRain.com

Football Ice Sandwiches for Fun Partytime

Here is an awesome idea for a summer party, team party or really any time for football fans!

Everybody loves ice cream, especially on a hot day.  Ice cream sandwiches are always a popular choice for kids and adults alike.   They are the perfect pool side or party treat. 

Ice cream sandwiches decorated to resemble a football would be great as a snack for your little football player.  Or, even the whole team after practice.  

These ice cream football sandwiches are not only adorable, but they are really easy to make. 

This fun treat recipe was originally published by Kim Byers on The Celebration Shoppe.  She recommended them for a Super Bowl party, which is truly a great suggestion.  

I love her idea to draw football plays on the wooden spoons that are used as "sticks" for this ice cream treat.

Ice Cream Football Sandwiches

Kim shares really easy to follow instructions in her article.  You can probably guess how to create these ice cream football sandwiches by simply looking at her photo, but it is still worthwhile to check out her suggestions.  She offers alternate decorating options, as well as freezing and storage tips.  I, myself, was surprised to read that the decorated ice cream sandwiches could last up to 30 minutes.  Of course, I doubt any football player would ever let one sit for that long!  But, you may wish to take the treats to the boys, so it is good to know.

With mini ice sandwiches purchased from the store, a few lines of icing for each sandwich, and wooden spoons, you too can make these totally awesome game day treats.  You will certainly be appreciated and hailed as a very creative mom.  Very cool indeed!

Be sure to check out Kim's other great party ideas, as well as her original recipe online at The Celebration Shoppe.

Adorable Summer Fruit Bowl with Banana Dolphins

Dolphin & Waves Fruit Bowl

Dolphins and Waves Fruit Bowl

If you are looking for a really adorable and unique way to serve fruit for your summer party, look no further!

This Dolphins and Waves Fruit Bowl by One Crafty Thing is fabulous.  

The delightful fruit presentation is quite impressive, yet easy to to assemble.  Perfect for a pool party, a luncheon buffet table, or just for fun.  

Kids of all ages are sure to love it!

How to Make a Dolphin Fruit Bowl 

Grab your favorite summer fruit and start creating a beautiful summer fruit bowl design and presentation.  This is a great way to get kids to eat fruit!

Start by making watermelon balls and setting them aside while you  carve the rind with an ocean wave design to create the summer fruit bowl.  Then fill the ocean wave fruit bowl with a mix of watermelon and cantaloupe balls, strawberries, seedless grapes, etc.  As you can see in the photo above, the combination of fruit is visually appealing and quite temping to eat.

Make the dolphins by simply slitting the stem of the banana and placing a melon ball in his mouth.  You can dot the eyes on the banana dolphin with a black marker.   3 banana dolphins are shown in the bowl above and they look like very playful dolphins swimming in a bowl of fruit.

Serving the Fruit

I like to set fancy toothpicks close to my fruit bowls so guests can spear their individual fruit pieces.  That also helps to prevent fingers grabbing out pieces or spoons slicing through your perfectly rounded fruit balls.

You will want to serve it on a large plate or platter with slightly curved sides and place fruit pieces around the base of the wave melon to stabilize the fruit centerpiece.  Be sure to look closely at the image for illustration.


Thank you to Pat Austin aka Wednesday Elf for Sharing this article with me!

Pumpkin Cupcakes Cake

Pumpkin Cupcakes Cake for Halloween
Cupcake cakes are really awesome and the Pumpkin Cupcake Cake is truly fabulous!  A wonderful Fun Food for Halloween.

This may look like a lumpy cake, but in fact it is 24 cupcakes put together to create the cake.  I love cupcake pull apart cakes simply because they are so very easy to serve.  Because cupcakes are already individual serving size, guests can pull a cupcake away from the cake without having the mess of cutting a cake.

Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake Cake Tutorial 

The entire tutorial with lots of pictures can be found on Cooking for the Holidays.   There is also a list of supplies provided, but aside from the cupcakes and frosting very little else is needed to create this cool pull-apart cake.  The design may seem straight forward by simply looking at the photo, but there are a few tips provided in the tutorial that definitely make decorating easier.  There is also a diagram of how to arrange the cupcakes by size to make the cake.

As you can see, the cupcakes are arranged and then frosted to give the appearance of a cake.  Frosting it that way allows you to decorate it like you would a cake.  If you take a close look at this pumpkin "cake" photo, you will see that the mouth crosses several cupcakes, but finishes the pumpkin face design.

Pumpkin Cupcake Cake
This Pumpkin Cupcake Cake is easy to prepare and serve!

I especially like the Pumpkin Cupcake cake for children.  It isn't scary at all, yet is perfect for a Halloween party or dessert.   It is cute enough that even little children will like the smiling jack-o-lantern.  This Halloween Pumpkin Cupcake Cake is truly a treat for everyone, including the hostess.


Original Recipe & Photo Source: Cooking for the Holidays ~ How to Make a Cupcake Pumpkin Cake

How to Make Owl Cupcakes

How to Decorate Owl Cupcakes
In many cities across the United States, children are gathering at their neighborhood bus stop waiting to board the school bus.  Back to school is fun for a lot of kids.  They look forward to seeing their friends again and to starting that new school year.  Some children are sorry their summer is over, while others have mixed emotions about school starting back again.

No matter what their attitude toward school, all children enjoy having treats waiting for them when they get home from their day spent in the classroom.  For that matter, we all enjoy a delicious treat at the end of our work day.  These owl cupcakes would be the perfect special treat for all of us.

How to Make Owl Cupcakes

Be wise and prepare these adorable owl cupcakes for an after school treat for your children.  They just might stop in the kitchen long enough to share the events of their day with you.  That is such an important opportunity for both students and parents, and we all certainly want to encourage our students to talk to us.  That is truly the real treat!

With a few simple store bought ingredients, these owl cupcakes are quick and easy to decorate.  Ellen and Aimee of "Like Mother Like Daughter" share their secret to making these awesome cupcakes.  

It is simply amazing what Fun Food can be made with Oreos, M&M's and a bit of creative thinking!  If you don't have time to bake, why not buy store-made chocolate cupcakes and a can of chocolate frosting to use for attaching the eyes, beak & ears.  It doesn't get any easier than that!  

Psst! .....  These Owl Cupcakes would also make great treats for the classroom parties throughout the school year.


Recipe & Image Credit: 

Recipe by Ellen and Aimee of "Like Mother Like Daughter" ~ Owl Cupcakes

Decorative Crab Cupcakes

Decorated Crab Cupcakes
If you are searching for an adorable decorative cupcake for your beach theme party, you will love these cute crab cupcakes by Sarah from "Must Have Mom".   You might not want to meet a real crab, but anyone would enjoy "meeting" and eating these precious cupcakes.

Their big eyes seem to draw you in and make you want to lick the frosting right off their backs.  Somehow I can just imagine little boys pulling their legs off first and eating the licorice strings.  Of course, there are always a few children at any party who are hesitate to eat anything made in the image of any creature.  I do recommend having a few complimentary plainly decorate cupcakes on hand for the kids who want to save the crabs.

How to Make Cute Crab Cupcakes  

In her article, Sarah takes us step by step through the process of decorating these fabulous crab cupcakes.  She includes lots of photos, which makes it even easier.  You barely have to read anything because you can easily see how to assemble the crabs.

I like the simplicity of her design.  Because it is so easy, you could even include the kids in the decorating as a "before the party" special event.  This allows you the opportunity to teach kids to use their own imagination to design and make their own fun food.  It also makes for great memories for you and the children.  

If they are older kids, perhaps all you will need to do is act as the photographer.  That can be as much fun as actually helping decorate the cupcakes.

Regardless of whether you make these cupcakes by yourself, or with help, the cute crab cupcakes are sure to be a hit with your guests!  So grab some cupcakes, frosting, licorice strips, and some mini chocolate chips and start decorating your fancy crabs for your family and guests.

Recipe & Image Credit: 

Recipe by Sarah on MustHaveMom.com - How to Make Cute Crab Cupcakes

Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Just about everybody loves chocolate covered strawberries, but few people realize you can make them yourself at home.

Chocolate covered strawberries have become a favorite to include in picnic baskets, to buy as a special gift for your sweetheart, or to treat yourself with a sweet tidbit. They have also become a big part of edible arrangements which are often used for special occasions. Personally, I  enjoy including them on my fruit trays for my friends who love chocolate.

Because chocolate covered strawberries are so expensive, we limit ourselves to only a few at a time when we buy them at a candy store. Our local candy store sells them individually, or in prepackaged boxes of 6, for a very hefty price. Then, we try to make them last as long as possible.

When I figured out how to make my own chocolate covered strawberries, I wanted to kick myself for the wasted money on store bought.   It is actually very easy to make them, but there are a few tips for ingredients and techniques.

How to Make Your Own Chocolate Covered Strawberries 

One really important tip is to make sure strawberries are in season.  In the United States, that is typically during the months of April through August.  Fresh strawberries make the best chocolate covered strawberries.  You will want to wash the strawberries and completely dry them with paper towels before you dip them in melted chocolate.

How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Visit Cooking for the Holidays for all of the tips for making your own chocolate covered strawberries.   In that article I share my preferred chocolate, as well as tips based on my own experience making this fabulous chocolate delicacy.

Recipe & Image Credit: 

Recipe by Cynthia on CookingfortheHolidays.com - How to Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Key Lime Pie Cookie Cups

Key Lime Pie Cups
Summer always makes me think of key lime pie! 

I associate key lime pie with Florida vacations because I was on vacation in Destin, Florida the first time I ever eat key lime pie.  It has been one of my favorite desserts for many years since.

When I came across this recipe for key lime pie cookie cups, I knew I would have to try them myself.  They would make the perfect party food, appetizer or dessert.  Snack size treats are truly anytime treats!

Because they are made in a mini muffin pan, they would be the perfect size for a single serving dessert.  I always enjoy serving desserts that do not require cutting slices to serve, which allows me to get back to the dinner party faster.  Single serving sizes are also wonderfully self-serving.

Key Lime Pie Cookie Cups Recipe

The recipe for these fabulous Key Lime Pie Cookie Cups is published on Shaken Together.  Keri introduced me to the Pillsbury Key Lime Cookie mix in her article.  Using that mix, she shares how she created these beautiful and tasty treats.  She even shares photos showing how she molds the cups, which makes it very easy to emulate.  

Once the cookie cups are baked, she simply tops them with her key lime frosting using a star tip.

I have no doubt these Key Lime Pie Cookie Cups will end up being a favorite in your home and for your parties too.  You may have to hide a few just so you get some yourself!

If the Pillsbury cookie mix is not readily available, you could use the Key Lime Cookie Recipe published on AllRecipes.com and the Key Lime Buttercream Frosting recipe on MyRecipes.com.

Recipe & Image Credit: 

Recipe by Keri on ShakenTogetherLife.com  - Key Lime Pie Cookie Cups

Kentucky Derby Horse Cookies

These delightful horse face cookies are easy to make and are absolutely perfect for the Kentucky Derby celebrations and parties.
These delightful horse face cookies are easy to make and are absolutely perfect for the Kentucky Derby celebrations and parties.

I originally discovered these cookies on PartyPinchers.com who recommended them for the Kentucky Derby.  However, I can easily imagine them being served year-round at various parties. 

I was immediately drawn to these fabulous horse cookies.  They look so cute and I am sure any Kentucky Derby enthusiasts or horse lover would enjoy this decorative and Fun Food idea.

Kentucky Derby Horse Cookies

These cookies are assembled with store bought cookies, therefore no baking is required.  They are decorated and finished with store bought candies like licorice ropes.  

The author of PartyPinching.com, Norene Cox, shares her secret to cutting that pretty perfect mane as well as what she uses to assemble everything.  I love the smiley face for the horse nose and mouth.  An absolutely perfect balance to the constructed eyes and ears.

These delightful horse face cookies are easy to make and are absolutely perfect for the Kentucky Derby celebrations and parties.
I am quite certain these horse cookies would be a huge hit at children's birthday parties, as well as the aforementioned Kentucky Derby party.  They would also make impressive classroom party treats.

Except for cutting the mane and attaching the licorice, everything seems simple enough that even a child could help you assemble the horse cookies.  Having children help always gives you the opportunity to teach, plus gives them wonderful memories of working in the kitchen with you.  You are not just creating fun food, you are creating magical moments that will forever be cherished by you and your child.

I am quite certain that adults and children alike will adore these horse cookies.  They will probably want to take them home and keep them as pets.   It is kinda hard to eat something so cute!

Recipe & Image Credit: 

Recipe by PartyPinchers.com  - Kentucky Derby Horse Cookies

Bunny Bread Bowl

Bunny Bread Bowl
One of the cutest Fun Foods for Easter that I have ever seen is the Bunny Bread Bowl created by Amy of The Idea Room.  Not only is it adorable, it is truly perfect for holding thick soup, chili or a salad. 

I absolutely love it!  It is sure to delight both adults and children.  Just seeing the little bunny makes you smile.

Amy gives us easy written directions, as well as a video on how to make these awesome Bunny Bread Bowls ourselves.  She truly makes it look very simply,  Especially, since she uses store bought bread.  It is literally as simply as constructing the bunny bowl.

How to Make a Homemade Bread Bowl

If you are not in a hurry, you can certainly make your own bread bowls.  With simple ingredients of warm water, yeast, sugar, olive oil, salt and flour, TessaArias shows us just how easy it is to make our own bread dough for bread bowls.  She give excellent step by step instructions and details in the video below.  She even shows us exactly how to properly press, divide, roll and shape the dough, as well as giving baking tips for a golden glow on the baked bread.  Her recipe makes 6 bread bowls.

Sturdy Bread Dough Mixer

Most stand mixers come with bread dough hooks, but that is very misleading.  Often they are simply not sturdy enough to really mix and knead bread dough.  They mixer motor may be fine, but the mixer itself will jump around on the kitchen counter simply because it is truly not heavy enough for making bread dough.

If you plan to make your own homemade bread, you will want to invest in a sturdy bread dough mixer like an KitchenAid.  The are available in a variety of colors to match your kitchen decor.

Recipe & Image Credit: 

Recipe by Amy on The Idea Room!   Bunny Bread Bowl Recipe

Christmas Wreath Marshmallow Treats Recipe

Looking for a really fun & easy Christmas treat?  You will love this Christmas Wreath Marshmallow Treats recipe!   You really can't mess up the design.
If you are looking for a really fun and easy Christmas treat, then you are going to love this Christmas Wreath Marshmallow Treats recipe

You really can't mess the design up, so you could even let the kids help you decorate the wreaths.  Plus, the red and green colors are perfect to serve during the holidays.  They make a really pretty addition to any table.

Whether you are searching for a snack, an appetizer, or a light dessert, these Christmas wreaths would have you covered.  You can also make them ahead of time and freeze them. 

Christmas Wreath Marshmallow Treats Recipe

Bev Owens published the recipe for the Christmas Wreath Marshmallow Treats on Review This!  You can find her recipe and all of her great tips there.

I always prefer a recipe that is simple and one that you most often have all the ingredients on hand without having to run to the grocery store.  Since the Marshmallow Christmas Wreaths recipe is a combination of cereal, marshmallows, M&M's, food coloring, butter and vanilla, it is unlikely this recipe would send us out to gather supplies.  Especially at Christmas.  I might not always have M&M's on hand, but I do during the holidays.  I suspect that is true for most of us.

Christmas Wreath Marshmallow Treats Recipe

Making & Shaping the Marshmallow Wreath Treats

You can take the time to form these treats in the round wreath shape or you could make it easier on yourself and use the elongated wreath shape shown in the photos.  The elongated wreath really does make a nice cover up for any mistakes too.  A combination of shapes would be truly fantastic and look completely planned too.

This really is a fun recipe for several people to make together.  It is actually good to have helpers since the mixture starts to set pretty quickly as it cools. 

Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas!

Recipe & Image Credit: 

Recipe by Beverly Owens on Review This!   Christmas Wreath Marshmallow Treats Recipe

Easy Christmas Cookies Recipe

Easy Christmas Cookies Recipe
I am always searching for fast and easy recipes for Christmas!  I found this Christmas cookie recipe on "Recipes for Real People" and thought how perfect these cookies are to share on the Fun Food Guide.

Since this is a quick and easy recipe, it will no doubt quickly become one of your favorites too!

Quick & Easy Christmas Cookie Recipe 

Not only are they "quick and easy" but they are delicious!  The recipe calls for a white cake mix, but Susan, the owner of Recipes for Real People, assures us that we can use any flavor of cake mix to create our own favorite cookie variety.  

Easy Last Minute Christmas Cookies by Recipes for Real People
Last Minute Christmas Cookies by Recipes for Real People
Most of the ingredients needed to make these last minute Christmas cookies will be supplies we often have on hand during the holidays, especially if you happen to have the sprinkles already.

These cookies would be really fun to bake and then let the kids help decorate.  Children always enjoy being able to say they decorated the treats, and adults always rave over the kids talent in design.

Give Christmas Cookies as Christmas Gifts

These Christmas cookies would be the perfect gift for neighbors, family and friends who are either hard to buy for, already have everything, or who you simply wish to remember with a gift of food for the holidays.  Baked goods are always appreciated because they are so easy for the recipient to pull out and serve to their own guests.

Also, delicious Christmas cookies like these are always perfect for a cookie exchange or to send to your child's school Christmas party!

Whether you are baking these cookies for yourself, or to give as a gift, I am certain you will love this recipe as much as I do.

After this article was published, Susan Deppner's Website was taken down due to her death after her last battle with cancer.

Here is a screen shot of Susan's original recipe page!

Recipe & Image Credit: 

  Easy Last-Minute Christmas Cookies from Recipes for Real People

Fabulous Ghost Train Cake for Halloween

Kids always love creating cool things and that includes really neat Halloween cakes!  

This fabulous Halloween Ghost Train cake would be perfect for kids to create with a little help from Mom or Dad.  Assembling it would be a really fun activity that you could share with your children. 

Not only will you be creating an awesome Halloween dessert, but you will be making memories that will be cherished forever.

Oh!  And, did I mention that it is chocolate?!!  Plus, it is no-bake which makes it the perfect cake idea for children to help make.

Making a Chocolate Halloween Ghost Train Cake

This is a very easy cake to assemble.  Simply purchase the needed ingredients and start building your own Halloween Ghost Train cake.  The shaped peeps and bat brownies really add the finishing touches to make it purely Halloween.  You will want to be sure to buy extra candy because it is truly impossible to resist snacking while you create.

Create a fabulous Ghost Train Cake for Halloween with this step by step tutorial
Our Completed Halloween Ghost Train Cake

By simply looking at the photo, you will be able to see a lot of the ingredients required to make this wonderful ghost train cake.  However, you will find the complete list of supplies and the step by step tutorial with lots of photos published exclusively on Cooking for the Holidays.   I can assure you, it is a really fun cake to assemble and a delicious cake to eat. 

Our Inspiration to Create this Ghost Train Cake

My son has always loved trains.  When he was very young, we used to seek out trains for him to watch speed by.  This Halloween ghost train cake was a pure delight to design with him and brought back a lot of great memories for both of us.  

I know for a fact that children will love this train!

Tutorial & Image Credit: 

  The Halloween Ghost Train Cake image & tutorial published on Cooking for the Holidays.

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